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Welcome to The Harrow Group!

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"This may be the single most fascinating newsletter there is on technology and its impact on our future, both pragmatically and philosophically.

This is not a news-blurb newsletter, though it is newsy -- it is primarily a thinking personí»s paradise and playground."

Jim Eshelman
Windows Support Center


The Harrow Technology Report -
A New Tattoo.
As Innovation & Privacy Collide.
Be Concerned.  Be Very Concerned.
Believe In the Possibilities of the Impossible!
Changing The Way Our World Works.
Completely Changing The Rules.
Complexity, Convergence, and Innovation.
Counterfeit Reality.
Dust In The Wind.
Far More Than Just A Game...
Focus On The Tiny!
From Atoms to Bits...
Future Ups and Downs...
Grand Challenges, Grand Opportunitie$.
Haunting Melodies
How Things "Old," Evolve...
Hummm, That's Funny...

Just A Matter Of Perspective...

Just A Matter Of Scale.
Learning From Nature.
Let's NOT Be Left Behind!
Light Tweezers!
Like Virtual Putty In Our Hands...
Magic May Be Magic No More...
Molecule By Molecule...
Move Over, Mr. Moore!
Nano This & Nano That.
Nano This & Nano That...
Nanotechnology Will Change Everything!
NBIC - The New "Next Best Thing.
NBIC Perspectives.
No New Wires!
Of Games & Robots & Brains...
Of Numbers & Nature.
Of Things Very Large, And Things Very Small.
Out of Hole Cloth.
Perhaps It IS Safe To Blink?
Personal Fabricators.
Phoenix Rising!
Pulling Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps.
Reliability, HAN-Style.
Renaissance Minds.
Repealing "The Law!"
Semiconductor Certificates?
The Changing of the Rules
The E-Ticket Ride of All Time!
The "Security Presumption."
The 'Star Trek' Among Us.
The Copy Conundrum.
The Distinction Blurs.
The Doubling Will Slow Down.  (Or Will It...?)
The Ever-Full Beer Mug [Updated March 27, 2005].
The Fields of Convergence.
The Full Meal Deal
The Game.
The Info Game.
The Molecules Within.
The Reality of the "Game."
The Ultimate Tool?
The War of the Tiny.
Through the Lens of New Technologies.
Twenty Years From Now...
UFOs 'R Us!
VERY Small Is Getting VERY Big!
We Are Living In Our Past!
Why Should *I* Be Interested In This?
YOU Speak Out.
YOUR 'Next Killer Apps!'
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"Thanks for the all the work you do writing, filtering and disseminating great information.  I believe that the Bill Gates' and Steve Jobs' of tomorrow will one day admit to being regular readers of The Harrow Technology Report."

Brad Hay

"Just dropping you a line to praise you for your ability to continually interest and amaze me; ... it never fails to peak my interest.

"The Harrow Technology Report" is a constant source of interesting and credible information. Keep up the good work and, as always, I look forward to your next publication."

Wayne Search
Technical Services Group
Workstation/Desktop Consulting and Support

"I want to commend you for putting out the best content in a fashion that is enjoyable to consume -- the audio, your writing style and your inflections make the material come alive."

Brian Carl Brown
Management & Technology Consultant
Bodibeng Technology Incubator
South Africa

"I believe that you do a great service by encouraging people
to rethink how they see the world."

 George Daszkowski

"Your reports are recommended reading for the Capstone course in several graduate IT programs at Golden Gate University, in San Francisco."

Sandy Pierre