Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in the Tourism Industry


Technology has changed the lives of several people dependent on the way it’s changed their method of doing stuff. The tourism and hospitality sector is just one of those industries that have seen greater changes caused by technology. It’s not surprising that this sector is rated one of the top-performing industries across the globe. Tech has contributed a great deal towards this achievement. Tech is predominant in the success of their Hospitality and tourism sector no matter having any defects as evidenced from the newspaper.

Background Details

The tourism and hospitality sector is among the very best performing businesses, both on the regional/domestic and global levels. According to the Tourism World Council (2004), the tourism sector contributes approximately 10 percent of GDP from the entire world. This rate is anticipated to grow from the year 2014 (World Travel and Tourism Council 2004). The cause of this rapid expansion is that the adoption of information technologies in its operations and management. Many companies in tourism and hospitality include information technology in their companies consequently standing a fantastic prospect of reaping substantial yields of exactly the same. Computerized reservation systems are still an illustration of an information technology platform employed within this industry to accomplish the target clients.

Tech in the Business

Ahead of the progress of technologies, it had been quite tricky for the hospitality and tourist industry to advertise its solutions to its clients. It was very expensive because clients are constantly physically apart, miles apart, as an example. On the other hand, the arrival of data technologies has eased the trade of business apart from fostering the consumer base. The simple fact that folks can interact and communicate together in various areas has made it even simpler and economical to promote their services and products.

In years past the inter-organizational procedure, that linked associations has been the hottest kind of IT. But because of high costs, many companies couldn’t satisfy the price of utilizing it. The development of international supply systems lets simple communication and connection across boundaries. This enabled the quick transfer of data that helped boost the business concerning the number of reservations.

International supply was a kind of inter-organizational system which arose from computer monitoring systems that helped to incorporate data from the airline. These integrations fostered the tourism sector since clients could create their bookings at a common market. These programs were used from the 1960s, their integration into the computer was hopeless. The progress of technology has witnessed the development of the internet and the World Wide Web, which have changed how that people socialize and or perform their companies.

Firms market their hospitality tourism and services products throughout the world wide web. This stage has linked the world. It’s turned into a global village. Folks are able to interact in various places in real-time. They could share their perspectives and opinions without needing to meet. Technology has caused the growth of unique platforms or forms which empower interconnections.

The changes comprise providing a path by which ideas could be converted into marketable inventions to be transmitted afterward to a broader marketplace at reduced prices of obtaining these markets and hunting for buyers. It enables easier access to this marketplace offering fresh products. It’s altered the way data is shared between both organizations and individuals. The advantages of technologies in the tourism and hospitality sector are huge.