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The 3D display technology – is revolutionizing the television and cinema viewing experience. The most recent marketing gimmick to advertise films and video games is to create a 3D version of those. Once consumers got a taste for the new technologies, it’s very likely to alter viewership in a significant way. But the technology isn’t currently cheap – a reason why marketers rather than regular consumers have taken to it in a significant way. 3D LCD display rentals also have seen a boost because of the tremendous response the technology has obtained in the trade shows and other marketing events.

How Can 3D Work? -Strange though it may seem, 3D works using the depth perception that is pure that vision owns. We’ve got two eyes at a distance from each other, to put it simply. Each eye sees a picture or scene from an angle or a different perspective. Our brain processes them to compute depth or distance of the object and merges the two viewpoints. A 3D effect is created when visuals send a different image to each eye. 3D games or movies can be viewed by wearing a set of shutter glasses or color filter glasses. The glasses will be provided by the equipment company together with the display unit for those opting for 3D LCD display rentals.

The newest in technology is 3D. In spite of the belief, a lens is still required by the technology. For while watching TV viewers who dislike gloves, a few manufacturers have produced lenticular lenses, which may be used. These are fixed on the display but needs to be aligned to the image. Using lenticular lenses might seem more comfortable but they include a set of requirements like viewing space that is particular and so forth. 3D LCDs like those developed by Sharp come with a parallax barrier that controls the way and the direction of light.