Ways to Increase Your IQ

It’s great to think of IQ as something established: You get the online iq test free and it shows you how intelligent you are. But that’s not actually really it goes; knowledge is far more fluid than earlier thought, and your brain is a lot more flexible than it is hard.

Neuroscientists are now open that adults are able of modifying their IQ–both for better and for worse. Below are some ways to keep yours improving more:

1. Try playing chess

There’s a reason chess has been popular for countless years, and by power. An elaborate and complicated game, it levels up your decision-making skills, develops your focus, and refreshes both sides of the brain, which helps grow your corpus callosum.

2. Do meditation

Several studies discovered that meditating for at least 15 minutes a day not only heightens your mood and decreases your stress levels but also increases efficiency when it comes to low cognitive processing. This is essential to fluid intelligence, and part of what aids you to become really innovative.

If you replaced 15 minutes of browsing Facebook with 15 minutes of relaxing using an app, you’d get more intelligent and lose certainly no benefit in your life.

3. Get sufficient rest

As per the research out of Loughborough University’s Sleep Research Centre, each hour less than the suggested eight hours of rest a night can totally compromise your IQ.

4. Discover new language

As per neuroscience, being able to speak a different foreign language develops your brain. Because you’re navigating a new set of complex rules (such as grammar different from your native tongue), it forces cortical thickening and increases in the volume of your hippocampus.