Juicing Technology: A Masticating Juicer Review

Over the years, the technological improvements on how juicers or juice extractors work have progressed. Aside from advancing from manual squeezing to the use of electricity, juice extracted from fruits and vegetables using these juicers also retain its nutritional value that your boy needs without compromising its flavor.

When reading a masticating juicer review, you get to understand that the term masticating denotes to the process or method used in extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. Masticating juicers are more efficient than other juicers since they smash, grind, and chomp through vegetables and fruits to get all the juice out sorting it from the desiccated pulp.

For several health enthusiasts, the juice extracted from fruits and vegetables are believed to be perfect for detoxifying the body and as health and diet food especially when taken in the morning. Juice from fruits and vegetables can also replace a meal as long as you have the correct and complete juicing ingredients.

But how are masticating juicers different from other juicers?

  • It is a slow speed juicer since it usually has a lone gear and blade as compared to centrifugal juicers that have a fast spinning motor.
  • Yes! Centrifugal juicers are fast but you get more waste than juice. Since masticating juicers are slow speed juicers, it slowly but surely chomps, grinds, and mashes your fruits and vegetables. As a result you get a smaller amount of pulp or waste and have better consistency and texture of extracted juice, plus you get to have a better taste of it as well.
  • Furthermore, because of the slow movement of the gear and blade, it significantly decreases the possibility of oxidation wherein oxygen ruins the juice. You are then able to keep the juice for a couple of hours retaining its nutrients.
  • Of course, not all juicers are perfect and the masticating juicer is no exception. Since it has a small feed chute, whole fruits and vegetables must be sliced or cut for it to reach the blade.