Mobile Technologies For Promo Products

Do you want to use mobile technologies such as smartphones, tablets and mobile applications in your promo products company? For successful use, it is important to be aware of the potential and risks of these technologies.

Mobile technologies for promo products – what opportunities and advantages are offered?

One of the most obvious, but also most important properties of mobile technologies is improved access to information. With mobile devices, information from the Internet or the company network can be called up from any location. This means that you can make decisions more quickly.

You have to mention that mobile technologies improve communication and collaboration. This is for both within the company and with external customers or suppliers.

Mobile technologies for promo products: Risks and challenges to consider

Integration with existing systems: You have to integrate mobile applications with existing systems. This includes your SAP system to ensure consistency of data and process flows.

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Complex demands on the IT department: ​​The introduction of mobile technologies creates new challenges for the IT department. In addition to the complexity of the introduction, you must ensure support and maintenance for an increased number of different hardware and software.

Costs: In addition to the possibility of saving costs through mobile technologies, the introduction also creates costs that you must plan for and regularly check.

Resilience to change: Companies often do not want to change existing, tested and working processes and applications for a variety of reasons. In order to be able to use the advantages of mobile technologies, a company needs the support of top management.

Training of employees: Although most employees already use smartphones privately, you still need to train them in the use of mobile business applications.

Security aspects: The use of mobile devices and applications results in a number of new security aspects that you must consider such as the question of data security.

Employee work-life balance: You can potentially reach employees around the clock with a company smartphone. You have to avoid stress and dissatisfaction among employees. Instead, increase the acceptance of mobile technologies. You have to create clear guidelines for the use and availability of employees.

Mobile technologies can bring companies a variety of advantages. Thus, they create sustainable competitive advantages. However, it is important to keep an eye on the risks and challenges during planning and implementation.