Introduction and advantage of the Block Chain Technology – Recently, block chain technology led to the development of a new sort of internet where data is distributed without copying and redefined the web. The technology devised and has been conceived for crypto currencies  such as the Bit-coin. In modern times, bit-coin is known as the value of the currency and the gold is close to about 9 billion US dollars. Block chain technology can make other sort of values. The operation of this technology is encapsulated without needing to understand it and it can be used by the user. It is suggested to have a idea about the technology in context before using it as the use is satisfactorily simplified by this.

The operation of this technology is pretty much encapsulated implying that there’s not any need a idea about the functioning of this technology is more than adequate for individuals. In simpler terms, this technology could be defined as a ledger of transactions that’s incorruptible and may be programmed to record anything that has value although not only the transactions.

Information stored within this technology in context is quite like the exact same in a spread sheet or some other distributed database. As a spread sheet containing values could be regularly updated, the block series also can be upgraded from time to time. The documents saved using the block chain technologies aren’t kept in a private place, rather, such information source are stored in public domain so that they may be confirmed on a timely basis. Using such a technology, the data isn’t held by any dedicated servers rather they’re stored in many database servers around millions of workstations, computers which are connected to the web. It’s due to this that the block string data can’t be corrupted or waxed.