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ATM Machines: A Technology for us -Prior to the introduction of ATM machines, people needed to go to with a bank. It wasn’t unusual to find a lineup of people waiting outside a bank on any morning, waiting to start. Once until a bank teller would single them over inside individuals had to wait in another line to see how they can help them finish their transactions.

Banking, in all likelihood, will continue to be a service that some people will rely on or even prefer. But the banking industry continues to use technology to streamline services as seen with the introduction of online banking and ATM machines. The demand for people to wait in long lines, and frustrated by delays to do banking in a manner that is face-to-face will become a thing of the past, as banking companies evolve to accommodate a changing sector.

I hope we never return ahead of the introduction of internet banking or the ATM machines. Because. The worst thing about banking is when an ATM machine is so crude that it requires that I enter my pin-number, or if the ATM system is down for a few microseconds. However, now that I reflect on what clients need to tolerate when visiting a bank to make a deposit or draw. I can state without trepidation that I enjoy online banking and love that ATM machine.

From anywhere in the world while sitting in front of a pc, I am able to access my account or create any sort of trade. Or use my cell-phone to make deposits directly into my checking account, simply by taking a picture of a check (front and back) that I want to deposit. The software program in my cell-phone credits the funds and uploads the pictures.