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Biometrics Technology and issue with it – Is it possible that reality is currently embracing futuristic technologies we see depicted in sci-fi and spy films? It is no secret daily that threats involving fraud and identity theft to compromise our security are becoming more complicated and sophisticated. New security terrorization is getting evasive and invasive of the latest upgrades in our anti-virus and anti-Malware programs. Setting up and maintaining security systems WAN or LAN infrastructures is becoming an application that is critical to protecting classified information.

Speech recognition, facial recognition, fingerprint identification and Retina scanning are some of the components. What is who invented it and biometrics? Derived from the Greek words “bio” meaning life and “metrics” meaning a way of measuring something, biometric systems are pattern-recognition systems that measure and analyze unique physical or behavioral traits for individual identification. Biometrics include handwritten and voice signature recognition. Biometrics includes other attributes, facial recognition, fingerprints and eye scans.

Fast forward to today’s innovative technology in biometrics, we’re currently seeing applications in schools and in areas like banking and finance. Because of the sensitivity of records in the medical system and for the security of information, integrating technologies has become a requirement. To charge for meals to handle truancy or to replace library cards, biometric systems are being applied in schools. In addition, we see biometrics and RFID’s used to provide controlled and safe access.

Safety and privacy concerns have been increased by security scans. Your files could be tricky to shield, according to a science researcher once profiles or your DNA become digitized.