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Things Apple Can Do With iPhone 2019 To Snatch The Spotlight Away From Samsung Galaxy Fold, S10

The world witnessed Samsung unveiling its latest lineup of top-tier smartphones back in February, and the South Korean tech giant did not disappoint. The previous Samsung Galaxy S series flagship, S9, has received positive reviews from critics and regular phone users alike, so it is kind of hard to top an already superior product. Lo and behold, the Samsung Galaxy S10, which arrived not only in three, but four variants for the users to choose from.

If the powerful Galaxy S10 units are still not enough to satisfy your tech cravings, perhaps the first-ever Samsung Galaxy Fold handset would be the last straw to finally make your jaw drop. All these are clear signs that Samsung means business, and it is out to get its toughest rival out there, which is none other than the Cupertino-based company, Apple, who has yet to launch a full upgrade for its current iPhone flagship. The question is, will Apple take Samsung’s challenge and unveil a shocker this Fall as it introduces its latest product?

What Makes Samsung Galaxy Fold And S10 Formidable?

The simultaneous Unpacked event of Samsung in London and San Francisco last month introduced the new Galaxy S10 models and the Galaxy Fold. Starting with the S9 successor, Samsung has finally found a way to get rid of the notch on the top display, a style that Apple first introduced via iPhone X. The S10 smartphones highlight the Infinity O display, a special design that makes use of a punched hole on the front display instead of a notch for the front-facing camera. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is truly sporting an all-screen display.

The other exciting features of the Samsung Galaxy S10 include the in-display fingerprint sensor, improved facial recognition technology, Wireless Powershare (allowing users to share battery power to others), and the most thrilling of them all, a three-lens rear camera. The Samsung Galaxy Fold, on the other hand, is obviously the company’s first-ever fully bendable smartphone, which sort of reminds you of the flip phones back in the day, but the catch here is that the touchscreen display itself can be folded seamlessly.

What Can Apple Possibly Offer This Year To Upset Samsung?

At this point, there are still no confirmed reports regarding the final design and features of the 2019 iPhone model. In fact, the actual name of the device is not confirmed yet, and there are many suggestions out there such as iPhone XI, iPhone 11, iPhone XX, and many more.

Based on the latest leaks and specs rumors, however, Apple is said to focus on the camera department and launch a very powerful iPhone this September that can thump on S10’s triple lens camera. Specifically, the iPhone 2019 is expected to sport the same three-lens camera system, but the arrangement of the lens will follow a square design, similar to Huawei Mate 20’s camera.

It is also possible that Apple has also figured out a way to push for an full screen display for the upcoming iPhone and remove the notch, once and for all.

You can expect a lot of great upgrades coming to the iPhone 2019, as Apple’s rivals continue to step up their game. Even people feel the urge to remain strong and undefeated, that’s why some want to undergo enhancements. You can go to if you are interested to try them.

Samsung Teases First-Ever Foldable Smartphone, Galaxy X, But Will This Spoil S10?

Samsung has been up with Apple as the leading tech innovators in the world, and for the past couple of years, the rivalry has gotten tighter for the two giant companies. There are rumors that the South Korean tech giant will launch a foldable smartphone soon, potentially giving Apple’s iPhone line some serious competition. At this point, a foldable Galaxy X (or F) handset may no longer be just a fabled gadget, as a teaser video at the Samsung Developer Conference finally shows the world what this new technology would look like.

Samsung Greenlits The Infinity Flex Display

The Samsung Galaxy X has only been a subject for rumors among tech enthusiasts, but Samsung never confirmed that such device is hitting the shelves soon. Although, the company’s top exec mentioned that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone soon, which is likely to be launched as part of the Galaxy Note line. Still, there are no confirmed reports yet regarding its possible release date.

The long wait might be over now as Samsung revealed an interesting smartphone design through a teaser video- an unnamed Galaxy device capable of opening like a clamshell then spreading out to be in full-size tablet mode. This new feature was introduced at the Samsung Developer Conference as the Infinity Flex Display, which can now be considered as a new frontier for the tech company in terms of creating mobile devices. This technology is far more innovative than the current Infinity Display headlined by the current Galaxy S and Galaxy Note iterations. However, as highly advanced and ambitious as it sounds, the Infinity Flex Display would require development of new manufacturing techniques and materials, if such technology were to be made available in the market. Nevertheless, the impending arrival of Samsung’s foldable handset will have a very special place in the history of smartphones.

Galaxy X, Galaxy F, or Galaxy Fold?

The teaser video did not mention the name of the Samsung smartphone sporting the Infinity Flex Display feature. While a foldable handset from Samsung is now pretty much a closed deal, it has yet to be confirmed if the one headlining the technology would be the Galaxy X. Other rumors suggest that the new device will be called the Galaxy F instead, in short for Galaxy Fold. However, as the new foldable design is called Infinity Flex Display, it is also likely that the device will be called Galaxy Flex.

Cool, There Is A Foldable Samsung Phone… But How About The Galaxy S10?

The Infinity Flex Display is just a proof of how Samsung has worked hard all these years to make such intricate concept into a reality. It requires dedication and skill to deliver this technology, much like how the collection of bags from are carefully designed to look just like the original. However, some people are wondering if the Infinity Flex Display would ever be included in the Galaxy S series.

For now, it appears that the Samsung Galaxy S10, which will be up later this year, will have its own cutting-edge features, but it seems unlikely that the S9 successor will sport a foldable display.